About Garage A. Pauly-Losch SARL

Albert Pauly and his wife Berthe Losch have been working with Martin Losch, Berthe Losch’s brother, since the introduction of the Volkswagen brand in Luxembourg in 1948. After Martin Losch moved his company to Luxembourg-Bonnevoie, Albert Pauly founded his own family business, Garage A. Pauly-Losch, together with his wife Berthe Losch and his children.

Since its foundation, Garage A. Pauly-Losch SARL has been distributing the Volkswagen car brand.

Since its foundation, Garage A. Pauly-Losch SARL has been distributing the Volkswagen car brand.





After a few years in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg, avenue de la Faïencerie, the company moved in 1966 to its brand new location in Strassen, 12 route d’Arlon. The company started together with the success of a great German car brand – VOLKSWAGEN.


Between 1979 and 1981, they worked for the first time on expanding the workshop. New equipment, such as an improved paint booth, additional lifting platforms, a brake test stand and an exhaust system, etc. were installed.


1979 – 1981



In 1984, the company installed the first computers for accounting, personnel management and original spare parts.

The expansion and modernization of the reception area and the construction of a second showroom were completed in 1998. In accordance with the technical development in the automotive industry, the company has constantly improved its facilities and working equipment.





The showroom overlooking the Route d’Arlon was enlarged in 2007 and the appearance of the facade was adapted and modernized.

In 2011, the automotive workshop and body shop were expanded, the existing workshop was completely renovated and an electronic diagnostic system was installed for all workstations.





Finally, all office furniture in the reception, sales and accounting departments was replaced in 2016. The purpose of this was to create the appearance – corporate design – prescribed by Volkswagen.

Today the company is managed by Mrs. M. Goerens-Pauly, Claude Pauly and Monique Goerens.